President's Message

Dear Vermont MGMA members and friends,

Ahhh! Spring in Vermont. A time for renewal and change and long underwear!  As I write this I am watching the snow accumulating on my porch and have a fire blazing in the stove.

Although 2016 has gotten off to a bit of a slow start for Vermont MGMA, we have been working behind the scenes to build some improvements into our organization that we hope our membership will find beneficial. It is no secret that VTMGMA, like many other state chapters, has found the recruitment of new board members challenging. We are all stretched with the balancing act that represents our professional and personal lives, and adding more responsibility seems daunting. It is for this reason that we have engaged Virtual Management Group, LLC to support Vermont MGMA with many of the administrative functions that would normally deter a member from volunteering for a role with the board.

As you read the first installment of our official news letter, it will become immediately apparent what skills and enhancements VMG brings to the table! Sign onto and check out the vast improvements to our website! Be sure to take note of the many opportunities to participate in lunch hour webinars to which Vermont members now have access.

It is with great reluctance that we must say goodbye to Nick Jaidar and Vicki Porter. I want to thank them both very much for their hard work and contributions as Vermont MGMA board members. Nick will be moving to Maryland to become the Director of the University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center and Vicki has accepted a Directorship at Please join me in wishing them congratulations and the best of luck with their new will both be sorely missed!!!

In closing, let me say that I would love to find at least two members interested in the treasurer and vice president board positions! I would also like to remind everyone that the New England regional conference is fast approaching on May 4-6, 2016. As one of the co-chairs, I can assure you that a fantastic program has been put together. Lastly, I would appreciate feedback regarding upcoming Vermont state meetings and topics that you would like to see covered this calendar year. Please email me at

All my best,


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